Touch The World's "THE TRUTH SERUM"

"Teaching Artists what they need to know about Artistry & Industry".


The Truth Serum was created by Lady Eva J, of Touch The World, to help educate up and coming artists on what they should know about artistry and industry. There is a developmental stage that every artist must go through and it is important to be knowledgeable in the area that one seeks success. There are a multitude of talented people, but all were not created to be an "artist". It takes more than talent; it takes hard work, heart, humility and a willingness to be teachable. Each dosage will be dispensed, in 30-45 min increments, with the prognosis, of a lasting effect that will help mature their growth in artistry. This symposium is designed to give them "the truth" in a power packed pill of information. Touch The World will provide industry leaders, who are knowledgeable in vast areas of the industry. Why waste time searching for answers when you can find everything you need at "The Truth Serum?"

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