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Lester Hernandez

Lester Hernandez 01.png

Lester is the Director of Photography and I.T Supervisor of Touch The World Television Ministries. Having directed some of Eva J. live shows since 1996, he was brought on board to join the Touch The World Family in 2009. Having a gift visual provision, networking, and the drive to help others in ministry are just one of the backbones of our family. Visual Provisions:" I provide camera work, editing and compression for posting our segments on the web. Having worked in the video industry for over 10 years at Time Warner Cable and find this work very rewarding. I really enjoy working in video and I use many tools for postproduction, which make my projects precise, professional, exciting and fun to do."

"Networking with people is important to me because I find that ground floor opportunities rarely get off the ground, simply because by the time some company’s say they are restructuring these projects, what they really mean to say is that they are taking your idea and money and making it their own. Honest work is important to me. Direct Matches is a social networking site that connects me to consumers. I like the way it is set up so that you won't come out of pocket until you see that your efforts are complete and to your liking. As well as the efforts of others who are working with you and are in agreement that the projects are an asset in making you a profit. My goal is to be an asset to your business in the capacity of great video, editing, and camera work

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