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chillin with candy cane

Candy Cane is the Co-Host of Touch The World Radio Show and has been a radio announcer since 2017. She also serves as booking coordinator, photographer and production assistant for Touch The World; while also serving as the president of Hip Hop Church LA. She is a member of the City of God Church under the leadership of Prophet John Brown. She graduated from Bible Enrichment School of Theology; receiving her AA degree in Christian Ministry. Currently attending Facultad de Theological for a Bachelor degree in Theology. She has collaborated in varies ministries to help bring the truth of God's word to the youth; while also being a positive example for her children to follow.

Her gifts go beyond the four walls as she donates her time in street ministries such as Southern California Cease Fire; which is a grass root organization that helps eliminate violence in our community. She is gifted in recognizing and drawing out the talents of others, while also encouraging those who need it the most. It is rare to meet a person who is so mature, organized and results-oriented. Her demonstrated leadership, vision, and discernment have made a positive impact on our churches and community. There is no doubt that she will continue strive for excellence in everything she is connected to.

Candy cane


August 2. 2020 episode

hip hop church la edition

August 30 2020 episode

Special guest: Rarebreed and ChilleBaby

topic: "The History of Gospel Gangstaz".

September 13 2020 episode

Special guest: ryan bean of the rmb show

September 27 2020 episode

Special guest: Pheobe durden

topic:"The Pastors Daughter"

october 11, 2020 episode

Part 2 - History of Gospel Gangstaz & The Birth of Camp 8 Republic

october 25, 2020 episode

special guest Apostle Sherry Traylor founder of Dominion Arts Worship Conference

november 22, 2020 episode

special guest: e. Marie

author of "These Dry Bones"

December 13, 2020 episode

special guest Phoebe Durden, Fathers In Hip Hop ( Justified, Don Dub, Big2daboy. 

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