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Talking with dr. susie

 Dr. Susie Jones serves as the Senior Pastor of Yahweh’s House of   Prayer and Worship for All People located in Los Angeles, California. Along with Pastoring full time she serves as: Chaplin for the Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals of the GMWA, Overseer  in the  Macedonia Diocesan Bishop J. Wendell Davis; Prelate, Music Editor of   Precious Times Magazine for Christian Women, and mentor and a Mother figure to many.

She has also served as guest radio personality for various local and internet stations such as: KJLH 102.3FM, KTYM 1460AM, KPFK 90.7FM, ICN Radio and Touch The World Radio Show. She has hosted Simply Gospel TV show on the Inspirational Cable Channel, “Talking With Dr. Susie” produced by Touch The World on the Time Warner Cable Channel and hosted concerts for various Gospel recording artists.   


Holds a  Bachelors Degree in Sociology, a Doctorate in Theology. An Alumni Fellow of the University of Southern California Center of Religion  but out of all she is most known for her down to earth personality , signature smile and being a giver and encourager as she ministers throughout  the Kingdom.


dr. susie jones

August 2020 episode

special guest: Rarebreed

topic: let me live

september 2020 episode

special guest:

pastor Anthony "shep" crawford

october 2020 episode

special guest:

linda monroe & aisha thompson

november 2020 episode

special guest: al mac will

topic: "A Message To The Nation".

december 2020 episode

topic: "the gift of love".

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