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  • WHO is the visionary behind Collaborations?

    • It was birthed by visionary Lady Eva  

  • WHO is the core team?

    • Judy Barksdale - Co-Visionary

    • Jai Got Soul & RareBreed - Co-Collaborators

Each team members comes to the table with their own unique style and flavor. 

  • WHY was is created?

    • It was created to bring entrepreneurs, ​artists, educators together to share their resources; while enlightening the next generation of leaders.


  • WHEN does collaborations take place? This particular event takes place every 3rd Sunday in Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov of 2022. However; this is just the beginning of what collaborations has to offer.


  • WHERE does it take place?

    • Our hub is currently in Los Angeles, Ca with the vision to expand through the states​

  • HOW can I get involved?

    • It's simple! STAY CONNECTED!!!​



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