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Jai Got Soul is a writer, radio co-host, executive producer, and entrepreneur. Jai believes that her purpose is to educate, serve, and uplift her community. With the help of friends and family, was created to live out that purpose. You will find a series of blog posts dedicated to discussing and challenging the African American community in terms of financial literacy. She has produced two mental health awareness interviews for viewers to digest via Jai Got Soul’s YouTube channel. Not to mention one book review of Gabrielle Union’s novel We're Going to Need More Wine. And most importantly, she has merchandise available for purchase. 


Jai Got Soul specializes in uplifting her community by using her unique talents. The assets over liabilities campaign took off via Instagram. In 2017, she began writing a series of articles titled Can Black Wall Street Be Resurrected which is the prerequisite to the assets over liabilities campaign movement. Jai followed up the two-part series with an article titled Little Africa Reboot to challenge her community to take action.


In August 2020, Jai Got Soul found a new home with Touch the world ministries on the Touch the world radio show co-host edition. She launched a podcast segment titled, “Out Of The Box Podcast.” The radio platform gives Jai the freedom to highlight some of her favorite up and coming artists and small business owners.

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jai got soul

Episode 1: Urban Ownership

Episode 2: Degrees to Entrepreneurship

Episode 3: Mentorship

Episode 4: Grammy Nominated

Episode 5: Faithful Artistry

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