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Lady Eva J

Prior to Eva J becoming the founder of Touch The World she had already been singing for nearly three decades, beginning as a five-year-old at Lively Stones, where her grandmother The Late Eva Mae Waddy Graves was Pastor. Although her gift came naturally she chose to study and earn a degree in Music. This natural talent evolved into a professional career that has included the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour and singing background for Diana Ross at Super Bowl XXX just to name a few. Her expertise in music ranges from gospel, classical, opera, jazz and blues. She released her first single “Have Faith” in 2016. She is currently working on her next single & book entitled “The Journey” to be released on Christmas Eve 2018. Her long-term vision is to launch Touch The World Youth Leadership Training, produce her own 24 hour international radio and television broadcast ran by youth, and utilize her skills as a songwriter, percussionist, drummer to produce and educate undiscovered talent within our local arenas. She has evidenced her strong commitment to the colleges, students, churches & community at large. She continues to spread the value of higher education and excellence in production everywhere she goes. Eva J.; the psalmist, songwriter, producer, and minister of the Gospel experienced a journey of pain that led her to purpose. Once a little girl with a big voice in her grandmother’s church, she yet remains a humble vessel with a servant’s heart operating with a spirit of excellence. She is more than capable and ready to share her testimony to Touch The World one day at a time.

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