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Jaime “RareBreed “Gregory is a man who leans on the "masculine side" of God's word, believing that tough love is necessary, in the balance of nurturing things surrounded in so much false perception. Because he is no longer part of the problem he doesn’t mind being identified by his gospel rap name or his birth name. Though quiet, he is outspoken when his passion arises and he feels he needs to be heard, hence, the reason he ministers through rap. His soft tone that has blessed many microphones, can also be heard in the community with Southern California Ceasefire Committee, where he serves as one of the executive board members, taking on a host of responsibilities networking with many other activists, community leaders, government and law enforcement agencies. "He just tries to help fix what he helped break".

 RareBreed is very active in the community. He has participated in Safe Passage for his neighborhood High School, to help reduce the violence amongst the youth. He volunteers with his church "Boys to Men Mentoring Group," under the leadership of Pastor Lafayette Dorsey of Love & Live Again Ministries. He has spoken and rapped at the Challenger’s Boys & Girls Club in conjunction with Touch The World’s Youth Mentorship Program and has marched in many front lines for the community.

 He has graced many stages such as; The Taste of Soul, United in Peace Movement also known as Upfest with Minister Tony Mohammed, CaliFest, Hip Hop Church LA, as well as many churches, Youth Coalition, and City Hall steps. He came to the Ceasefire table offering only a passion to do better and to make music for The Movement. He has shared the stage and collaborated with many gospel artists, such as The Club Judah All Stars, Markillo, Unashamed to Put in Work, and the legendary Gospel Gangsters.  The music given to him comes from the essence of who he is, who he was, and what he has conquered. His music speaks redemption and salvation as it provides an alternative to mainstream music today, that doesn't feed our spirits properly.

 RareBreed remains humbled by his new beginning and second chance at life after serving over twelve years of incarceration from two separate incidents.  His experiences and testimonies through music has led him to pray over candlelight vigils of youth senselessly murdered on our streets; while also rallying from City Hall to Capitol Hill with various groups, joining to make change.

RareBreed has shown consistency in his change proving that gospel rap is the music for The Movement in this spiritual warfare. Leading by example, RareBreed hopes to awaken others to see that our old ways aren't working and that it is time to come full circle in this change.

He is living proof that changing your actions will lead to a chance for "REDEMPTION".

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