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Pastor Shiela Harris

Author * Speaker * Teacher


Shiela Harris is a songwriter, motivational-speaker, preacher of the Gospel, life coach, poet and author who has a strong deliverance ministry for women. For a short while she served as a volunteer writer for the Antelope Valley Community Newspaper, “Antelope Valley Sentinel.” Shiela received her Bachelor of Art from California State University, Dominguez Hills (Cum Laude) and to further equip her for ministry she attended the Southern California School of Ministry (First Church of God Inglewood Campus) receiving a Masters in Ministry (Cum Laude) and was one of the commencement speakers. Currently she is a member of Worship Center Community Church, Long Beach, California. She believes her purpose is to be a writer/teacher/preacher and to dedicate her life to the task God has set before her, ministering to women helping them reach a place of divine wholeness and wellness in God, grief support, church administration, staff training and more. Her writings are influenced by personal experiences coupled with biblical principles and research. People want and need truths. For this and other reasons, she is transparent as she often uses life’s mistakes and accomplishments to inform, encourage, empower and cause change.

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