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Jason "The Bishop" Allen


As a child, Jason's Mother knew there was something very peculiar and special about him. In his early years his Mother tested his rhythm by giving him pots and pans with spoons to beat on; She saw that he enjoyed it so much that she later introduced him to the piano by teaching him chop sticks as a lesson. Shortly after Both of his parents saw that his eagerness to learn music was fascinating to him, Jason began to become curious and attentive to Music with keen ears. Music not only has been a major part in his life but his parents were both influential in his discovery. Growing up in a home where musical gifts existed on both sides of his Parents, His Mother a psalmist and Evangelist, and his father who was a faithful musician of twenty five years at Greater New Holy Trinity MBC. in Los Angeles, Ca. Jason watched his Dad play and would sit next to him on the stool. His dad taught him cords and Jason would quickly pick up, and he began to practice on a piano at home. One Sunday Morning in the month Of June in the year of 1986 on Father's Day... Jason went downstairs, and played his first song entitled "Jesus Getting Us Ready For That Great Day" on piano, his Parents ran downstairs because they heard music only to see, it wasn't the radio... but their beloved son playing unto God. As his father says: " One of the best father's Day gifts he has had. With tears in their eyes they rejoiced, before his sixth birthday, His Parents along with his Brother bought Jason his first musical instrument, A Hammond B-3 Organ, Jason practiced and played every chance he could learn music of all genres to perfect his knowledge, and skill. He later became the youngest organist to play a full service with his Dad on salary at the age of six. For Jason It was just the beginning. Throughout his musical journey Jason has been inspired and humble by others who he admires and respects in his career. He has played for several churches in and out of the country, along with the privilege to work with several successful artists in the secular and Gospel industry such as Stephanie Mills, Chaka Khan, Carl Thomas, Fantasia, Johnny B Williams, Vesta, Next, The Cavaliers, Rene Moore and Angela Winbush, Ginuwine, Dj Quik, Scarface,The Gap Band, The Delfonics, Adina Howard, Snoop Dog (Gospel 2018, Clarence Carter, Club Nouveau, Beverly Crawford, LA Mass, Medusa, Lupe Fiasco the play His Woman His Wife by David Talbert and the list goes on.

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